Pavement Profile Scanner ViaPPS





ViaPPS is an advanced metering system designed to document the condition of the road surface.


ViaPPS is designed in close corporation with the Norwegian Road Authorities.


ViaPPS can be used for a number of purposes. When a new road is made, or new road surface is laid, the ViaPPS is used to examine the surface in order to investigate if the road meets the required standard. The result from the measurement is used as a certificate of the condition of the new road. When ViaPPS is used at regular intervals, the measurement results will be used for keeping track of the wear of the road, and to plan when and how to perform maintenance of the road, reducing the overall cost of maintenance. The measurements from ViaPPS are used as a documentation of the state of the road, enabling the road authorities to request compensation for road upgrades and maintenance. The measurements are also used for planning how much asphalt is to be removed and added during a resurfacing of the road. ViaPPS is also very suitable for measuring airfields.




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